Thursday, June 28, 2007

I ♥ers U Dawn and Sheri

It's been a week since Sheri and Dawn left. A week. Crazy. It's gone by really really fast. Probably because all the fishing Joe and I have been doing. Thanks, Sher.

But oh, what a trip. I'm beyond words to say how happy I was to have them stay here.

Dawn arrived first, on June 12th. There were plane issues, and she had to take a later flight. And since apparently our phone likes to hop of its hook and not make that horrible screeching sound to let us know, we weren't aware of the change of schedule. It's amazingly disappointing to go to the airport, watch the whole plane disembark, see all the luggage ride around several times on the carousel, and wonder if you missed them some how in the itty bitty Kodiak airport. But it all got worked out, and Dawn arrived. We all then went for McDonald's milkshakes. That's how we roll. Sheri swore us to sit on our hands and not do anything until she arrived...the weather was so nice though, we had to get out. But of course we did all the same things over when Sher got in on the 15th. Freakin' early in the morning, too. Her luggage was a little late in coming. However, that was worked out before noon. So come visit and everything you have will eventually make it here! Promise!

I took them around town, site seeing...which was mostly into little shops where we all spent a lot of money. We bought each other things though, so it's ok. There was the base tour, the cook outs, new inside jokes, late sunsets but early nights, watching the dogs, beach walks, that rainbow at 11:30 pm, magical coffee, tea, and smoothies, driving the length of the paved road system, far away wildlife, weird tan lines, old memories, Propel, and fishing.

There' many...words.

Sheri's only requirement, or one of her only requirements, was to go fishing while in Alaska. Joe got us all geared up and we went out. Three different times. The first was more or less for practicing. And for feeding mosquitoes. The second time out we ended up at the American River, in a wonderfully open mosquito free clearing. After a couple hours, Dawn caught a fish. A steelhead trout. Totally exciting. Then awhile after that, I caught one. It makes the hours in the drizzling rain worth it when you can catch a fish. Although, I do have to say I don't think I would have been able to bring it to the bank if it wasn't for Sheri. She all but dove head first into the water to pull it out. No more catches that day. The next day we all went back out, to the same spot. Dawn had sat down to read (after all, she caught her fish), Joe and I were still hooking up our fishing poles, and Sheri caught a trout her first cast. It was insane. Sheri yelled out, "I caught a fish! I'm not kidding!!" She was grinning ear to ear. I think Sher would've liked to land a huge salmon, but the trout were very good.

And there was the hike up Old Woman. I think it was the hottest and sunniest day ever. It maybe got up to 80*. At the top were the spectacular views, and a snow bank. Where else can you get snow, outdoors, in the summer? Of course we had an impromptu snowball fight. Naturally.

All I wanna know now girls, is when are you coming back?

{More photos here.}

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


No posts lately...friends are coming for a visit (Dawn and ROCK!)...which means cleaning time. It's amazing the level of filth you get used to day to day...


Wednesday, June 06, 2007