Saturday, July 28, 2007

The McCances in Alaska

Mom, Dad, and Kaity came up to visit Joe and me. (A quick aside to my brother, Bryan - Dude. I miss you. Come on up.) And of course the weather was gorgeous. Not as insanely nice as when Dawn and Sher were here...but it was definitely not rainy. Well, there was that one day. One out of 9 isn't bad.

Of course there was lots of sightseeing, lots of souvenir buying, and lots of video games. I think Kaity's going to either be an amazingly awesome driver, or crash right out of the gate. Thanks to Burnout 3, the rockin'est game ever.

We fished and saw salmon and trout jump out of the water, but we didn't catch anything. Didn't matter though, since we were able to pick up packaged halibut, salmon, and ginormous crab legs. And shrimp. What can I say...Kodiak's a seafood heaven. Take that Maryland!

Mom was so afraid of running into a bear while we were outside on a trail or in the woods. But the only bear we saw were the stuffed ones. Eh.

She did really like the trees, though. One of the first things she said after arriving was, "I've never seen so many Christmas trees in one place!"

We all learned what to do when someone does come across a bear. You're not supposed to run away. You should identify yourself and speak in your normal voice. Kaity related it in the best way though, while also making fun of me for my desire to hug a big bear: "Hi, my name is Kelly. What's your name...? 'ROAR!'" (Ok, totally funnier in person.)

That picture makes up for it.

Dad even made his goal to stay up to see it get dark.

See, this trip was a win win for everyone! Thanks so much you guys for visiting. Love you all!

{More pictures here, and my favorite shot here}

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My family arrives today.
Pictures and funny stories to ensue next week.

Friday, July 06, 2007

So now everyone will know what to get everyone else...

No more guessing. Even though it can be fun. Sometimes...if you like getting stuff you never wanted. Ever.

My Registry

mine. I just started; believe me, it'll get bigger.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Laugh it up

I sooo wanna take Megan Mooney out for dinner and cheap drinks one night.