Monday, August 21, 2006

Drum roll please

Hello there! I'm Kelly, and this is my new blog. This all came about because a dear friend of mine asked me to write more about my life. And I figured since I live on an island in Alaska, light-years away from loved ones...why not. So, Dawn, this one's for you.
At the moment, I'm not totally sure what all I'll include in Full Circle, but it'll be marvelous. Suggestions are always appreciated. If they're good, that is.
Maybe you're wondering about the name of the blog... it comes from a game I made up with some friends while in college. Someone would call out some random object, and I would have to relate it to my then boyfriend now husband, Joe. I would win if I could put it together in a logical process, and lose if it didn't make sense or stretched too far. I would always win. Wait, did everyone always let me win?...hmm. Well, I was in looove. Eventually it progressed to an all day thing to where if any topic of conversation repeated, whoever noticed first would yell out "Full Circle!"

...Yeah. We didn't have much of a life. But now I'll be writing all about mine. Full Circle!
Thanks for stopping by.

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