Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not-So-Weekly Recipe

I've been adventurous since moving to Alaska. I mean, I grew out my bangs, for goodness sake! Who does that?!
So really, it's only been a matter of time before I came across something so alaskan, so outta my norm, it would throw me for a loop.
And folks, that was the other day.

I. Ate. Deer.

Deer meat. Little baby Bambi.

Ok, ok...I know that's not really a big deal. Lots of people have eaten deer. (It even has a name...
venison. Right?) Well, I never have - and it freaked me out. Can you blame me? I even cooked it.
A couple Joe and I know gave us the meat (the wife hit the deer with their new truck. So essentially, it was road kill. Not only did I eat deer, I ate road kill. Who does this happen to? Seriously.) It was ground up, packaged, and frozen. And sitting in our freezer for awhile.

[I should mention that I hateHATEhate to grocery shop. So we run out of food frequently.]

I wanted to make a lasagna, but didn't have any meat to add into the sauce. Nada. Well, except for the deer. I thought about it. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Until I talked to Joe, and he told me I was a huge wuss. Which I am, but that's beside the point. I caved in, and cooked it up. Venison (or this one specifically, because I've never had the honor of pan frying multiple antlered animals) has an almost sweet smell to it while it cooks - very different from ground beef. After it browned, I couldn't bring myself to taste it. The dogs liked what I gave them, though. Nevertheless, the meat was added to the lasagna, the lasagna cooked up, served.

It wasn't that bad.
I had to leave my body as I ate, so I wouldn't think about the cute little deer I see on the side of the road while driving into town...
But it wasn't bad at all.

Road-Kill Lasagna

Eh. You know how to make a lasagna. The recipe comes right on the side of the noodle box. I did layer in spinach leaves; that was gooood. And of course the deer meat. But please feel free to use whatever you have on hand.


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