Monday, September 03, 2007

The town's not *that* small. C'mon.

Joe and I are at Subway, getting the fixin's put onto our sandwiches.

Sub Dude: Are you guys new to Kodiak?

Joe and I do a 'what the hell?' glace to each other.

Me: Um, no. We're not.

Dude: Oh, well, you don't look familiar. I thought maybe you were new to the island.

Me: Nooo.

As we sit down, I ask Joe, "what do we look like, rubes or something?"

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whitney said...

First off, thanks for your comment. Second, KODIAK ALASKA ~ That is awesome. Third, your Etsy stuff is beautiful. If you ever want to trade let me know... I have you bookmarked and I'll keep checking back to see what's new up north.
Thanks again for your comment.