Friday, March 21, 2008


Dear Winter,

You know, we had a good run. We had a lot of fun when I was younger. I remember you were able to make me laugh and smile and think the world was perfect.

But something happened as I got older. You've become over-bearing... controlling even. I can't go out any more. I can't do anything I really want to do, because of you. You've effected all my relationships with other people. In such a negative way.
I suppose some of the blame lays with me. I did move to Alaska. But you really pushed it too far. I mean, year after year, snow drift upon snow drift, frozen fingers and frozen faces. You've become so much colder than I ever remembered. It's sad. And disheartening.
I always thought you'd be in my life. In the middle of the hottest Summer's heat, I would think about you and couldn't wait for our time together. Now all I can think about is the warmth I can get somewhere else.

It's time we parted. I can't be around you any longer. Maybe one day we'll be able to meet again, and maybe then we can at least be cordial. But right now, I have to say goodbye.
Spring is stopping by, to help me pack up and move in with Summer. Yes. That Summer. You'd find out sooner or later, so I'm telling you now.

I know other people will love you as much as I did. And really, I did love you, Winter. But things changed.

I wish you all the best. And perhaps we'll be able to find each other again some day.



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Cicada Studio said...

Aw, winter knows you're leaving for Honolulu and is saying goodbye in the best way it knows how!