Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Women's Rights = Boredom. Women in Bikinis = Awesome.

Regardless whether or not State Senator Mike Bennett was looking at pornography - on his state issued computer during a floor debate - he admitted to being bored.


Americans need representatives who will not get bored doing their job; we all need governmental representatives at every level who are interested in working for us.

Especially when the topic at hand is as laden and controversial as abortion and reproductive rights.

Many states have a law requiring ultrasounds be administered before an abortion.  But the bill that passed in Florida is similar to Oklahoma's new, more severe law, and it's a worrying trend.  The bill requires ultrasounds be given to women who want an abortion - not only is the ultrasound unwanted, the woman has to pay for it, and sit through an explanation of the findings by a doctor with the ultrasound image in her line of sight.

I don't understand people who think abortion is taken lightly.  Serious thought and major emotions go into the decision.  Adding an ultrasound, and having a doctor describe the fetus gives a woman extra stress on top of an already tense situation.  That level of excess is unnecessary.  And uncalled for.  In Oklahoma, even though women went through with the ultrasound procedure, and became extremely emotional as a result, not one changed her mind about getting an abortion.

Why implement a bogus law that does more undue harm than good?  Maybe if our representatives listened to their constituents, and spent more time in meaningful debate (and not opening questionable online attachments) we would have better laws that protected people.  Laws that protect women's reproductive freedoms.  Laws that respect women as capable human beings, not just baby incubators.  Or bikini models.

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