Thursday, August 23, 2007

Framed Art

I meant to post these pictures for a while now, mostly for Mom, who keeps asking.

Here's the newest artwork to make it onto our walls. It only took over a year to get the prints out of the closet and into the frame shop...

Apparently, I'm not so good at getting things done fast, huh?

This print is from Sheri...when she and Dawn were visiting...and we went on a shopping spree in town. We each got similar works from the same artist - Sheri's was puffins, and Dawn's a polar bear. It's hanging at the top of the stairs.

These prints are in the bedroom, framed and matted the same. I think they're gorgeous in a group. As soon as I saw these prints in the store, I fell in love with them. Byron Birdsall is a simply amazing artist.

Double matted, with a copper-ish frame, in the living room, also by Birdsall. And possibly my favorite thing. Ever.

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