Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Oh Blog, things have been crazy. Let's play a quick catch up.

Leaving Kodiak and moving to Hawaii...had it's ups and downs. Mostly ups. We were able to get a place (thank you Navy), and we're settling in nicely. I should have pictures soon. Well, soon as in 'as soon as I get everything put away, hung up, washed, and perfect.' So, you know, whenever.

But it's a cute place, so it'll be worth the wait.

Oahu is amazing. Beautiful. Insanely busy and crowed. And hot.

Actually, I don't think it's really hot-hot. It just feels that way to me coming from 40 degree Alaska to the middle of a tropical summer. King and I are taking awhile to get used to it.

But oh, the shopping. Stores everywhere, with everything. It's niiiiice. I missed malls.

As much fun as we're having here, I'm homesick for Alaska. And North Carolina.
I'm sure it'll pass though, when we get more settled, and involved.

As involved as one can get laying on a beach all day.

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nikoart said...

Hi there! I'm a fellow etsian who just came across your blog after discovering the adorable pet portraits in your etsy shop! I live in Hawaii and see you recently moved here so I just wanted to say hello and hope you enjoy the islands as much as I do! :o) I really miss living in Oahu (the beaches! the malls!) but it got a bit expensive for me and the boyfriend so we moved to the Big Island. Take care and Aloha!