Monday, February 23, 2009

Do not interfere

There are no words.

I'm totally blown away by what Secretary of State Clinton said the other day, regarding China.  She essentially said that China's vast human rights violations will not interfere with America doing business with them.

Are you kidding?  


We'll not bother trying to keep human dignity a priority any more?  ESPECIALLY with the countries we have a priority to deal with?

And what's up with America getting itself so indebted to China anyway?  Why are we allowing our government to borrow money from China (and not to mention, from our own future generations)?  It's so not gonna work out well in the end.  

I understand the need for a global effort nowadays.  And with economies all over the globe faltering, I guess it's only right for other counties to lend a hand when they can.  But the business between China and the US has been going on for a while.  China keeps buying up American debt...government debt.  All those bail outs.  All these stimulus packages.  It's not our money.  We're going on faith that China's not gonna pull out the rug and call in our payment.  What would happen then?

All news that focuses on the economy makes it seem like the world is going to implode at any second.  No wonder consumers don't have any confidence.  No wonder everyone is so worried.

It's a self fulfilling prophecy.  

If we allow all this money doom and gloom to cloud our be the only thing we focus on, we'll end up ignoring what's really important.

Other people.  People that truly need others to stand up for them.  

Right, Secretary Clinton? 

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