Sunday, April 12, 2009

Body Issues

So while I was flipping around channels the other day, I stopped on the Style Network because "Style Me Famous" was on.  It'd been a long time since I'd seen an episode, and I always thought it was kinda fun.

However, this one show really got to me.  It focused on a great lady who wanted to change her look, to resemble Queen Latifah.  
About 10 minutes in, when they started to do the shopping segment, I got so fed up I turned off the t.v.  The stylist would pick out outfits, and tell the participant how great it would look on her.  How it would "fix any problem areas" or "cover your flaws."  

Heaven forbid a heavy set woman doesn't own a wrap dress that will fix her multitude of flaws.

The stylists on the show were always quick to mention undergarments and support pieces...but they weren't to make you smaller...just smooth everything out.  Because that's what's really important.

But they kept saying the word FLAWS.  I don't know how that lady put up with it.  It was so underhanded...and it really got under my skin.

Something's wrong with her body.

How horrible is it having someone repeatedly pointing out that your body is wrong, all under the pretense of helping.

It's embarrassing.

There's been lots of talk lately about accepting larger sizes; about the fashion industry veering away from size 0's.  The average American woman is a size 14.  I'm a size 14.  And it's super hard to find clothes a lot of times.  Forget high end fashion designers.  Almost all don't go passed size 10 or 12.  Big girls like interesting clothes too, you know.  

So frustrating.  

Some reading material, to see where I'm coming from:


kim* said...

staying in shape is alot of work sometimes

Cance said...

umm, yeeesss...i agree. but that's not really where i was going with this post.
i think the language people use when talking about women's bodies - of any size or shape - is really wonky.
and i think it's frustrating for the majority of women when certain body shapes is glamorized by the fashion industry, only to be cast aside next season. like being a certain size is trendy. it's ridiculous.