Thursday, April 09, 2009

Not cool...

Seeing a centipede crawling along the outside of Joe's sock drawer, as he was pulling out a pair of socks.  

The drawer is in a dresser that's right beside the bed.  

Of that dresser, the sock drawer is the only drawer at THE EXACT SAME LEVEL AS MY FACE.

I was less than 6 inches away from that sci-fi creepy crawly.  

Dude, do you even know about centipedes?  If you did, you'd so be freaking out with me on this.  They have CLAWS!  POISONOUS CLAWS!  And, like, a gazillion legs.  That make them move really fast.  And hard shells which make them hard to kill....which also causes a disgusting crunch when you finally do.  

And they leave the nastiest mess on the floor.

Ugh  ::full body shudder::

Not cool Mother Nature.  Not cool.

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