Friday, August 07, 2009


My hair is on the verge of blonde. It's been getting lighter and lighter for about a year now. I figured it was because I'm now living in Hawaii, which is the equivalent to living ON THE FACE OF THE SUN. So I've taken it in stride.

As in, "Oh look at all these blonde streaks! It must be because I'm out in the sunshine everyday! La la la! It's really beachy looking! And I live at the beach! Perfection!"

But, umm, no.

Turns out, my volumizing spray - Sunsilk, in the noxious yellow bottle - has citric acid as a main ingredient.

(Yes. It took me this long to realize this.)

So, it's been like spraying Sun-In on my hair for the past year. Of course I'm going to go blonde.

The Sunsilk volumizer works wonders for me...I spray it on my wet hair, comb through, and then blow dry. When my hair gets around shoulder length, it needs a little boost, and the routine I had was great. Except for the bleaching my hair part.

While I don't mind the unintentional highlights, I'd like to get back to my natural color.

Anyone have suggestions for a great volumizer? That won't dye my hair? Please?


Christina of Akane Designs said...

hmmm... no help here. I'm trying to stay stress free so that I can reduce the number of white hairs that pop up! lol

okgoods said...

Yo girl,
Here in Canada I use...

"got2b styltini double shot 24 hour hair thickener"
"Salon La Coupe Root blast texture and Root Lift spray"

for my holy-shit-so-straight-and-frustratingly-flat hair, they work well (and I am not a girly girl, I am a lazy retired tom boy).

Wow, the names of these products are so long.

Who is that girl.... said...

Nexxus! nothing beats it, it lasts forever, it doesn't make your hair feel like its been dipped in high fructose corn syrup. aussie is pretty good if you want more cost effective. while i love Dove shampoo/conditioner, the styling products suck.

Cance said...

thanks for the suggestions! i'll definitely check out all the options.