Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Can Admit When I'm Wrong, and I Can Admit When I'm Totally Right

Ohmygoodness you guys.  Are you even watching The Daily Show lately?  Jon Stewart and company are totally taking cable news networks to task.

Love it.

Also, I recently watched "Sicko" and "Fahrenheit 9/11" by Michael Moore.  I've always thought Moore was extremely offensive, radically liberal, and a big mouth from Hollywood who had nothing productive to say.  All these opinions were formed from random snippets I've seen of him on television shows and half watched clips of his movies.  I didn't care to watch any of his documentaries, and wouldn't have...ever.  However, Joe came home the other day and told me flat out that we had to watch "Sicko."

It.  Was.  Stunning.

Slightly heavy handed, but seriously, the most eye opening, informative film I've seen in, umm, forever.  Everyone in America should watch this movie.  And it's unbelievably relevant to the current political debates on health care.

The next day I went straight out and rented "Fahrenheit 9/11."  It was heartbreaking.  And as equally eye opening.

As involved with politics as I like to believe I am, I'm ashamed I waited so long to see Moore's films.  The facts he presents, the stories he tells, the way our government has controlled and manipulated us...  I don't know what to say.  That's not who we're supposed to be.  Our leaders are supposed to be more noble.  More...HONEST.

There have to be serious changes made in our government.  Hopefully we're on the right track.  But baby steps aren't going to cut it - we need huge reforms and sweeping overhauls.

I urge you to get involved.  No matter what issue, no matter what side you are on, nothing can work, nothing can change unless people speak up and get involved.  We all need to start working together for the common good.

For good.

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