Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm getting ready to redo the bedroom.  The whole deal.  New everything.  Did I mention how last summer was so hot and humid, that one of the cheap-o K-Mart fake wood dressers fell apart?  Fell.  To.  Pieces.  The weather literally destroyed the furniture.

No, seriously.

So, onward to better quality.

There will be pictures.  I promise.

But for now, I'm searching for a rug.  Something bright, colorful, and fun.  Something unexpected.

I've fallen in love with a couple different rugs at Anthropologie.  The thing is, they're crazy expensive.  No surprise.  And.  And.  They company doesn't ship big ticket items to Hawaii.

Just take a look though, and tell me you don't love them too:

Felt Pixel Rug (absolute favorite)

Gloria's Garden Rug (stunning!  and possibly my true absolute favorite)

Beautiful, right?

Totally makes my actual options a bit, umm, drab:

Ok...extremely depressing.


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