Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taken Back

I have an intense visceral reaction during the starting credits to HBO's newest miniseries, The Pacific.

It's someone drawing with charcoal, and the stick keeps breaking from the pressure being applied.

You guys, I can FEEL IT.

I know it.

I know the slight stumble the hand makes when the charcoal stick cracks and breaks.  I know that sensation of charcoal smoothly moving over charcoal.  But also feeling the littlest ridges and dips when on the surface of the paper.  All that graininess.

Without hearing it, I know the sound the charcoal makes while it moves.  Almost high pitched.  Somewhere in-between nails on a chalkboard and nails on sandpaper.  Registering enough to create goosebumps.

And all the loose used up charcoal bits that outline the drawing.  Just waiting there.  Begging to be blown away.

I can hardly take it, just sitting, watching the tv.

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