Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mind Goggling

I pulled up Goggle to find out more about Sarah Palin's latest effort. Apparently Fox News gave her an interview-format show.  But for the premier episode, old interviews were used, and Palin was simply dubbed in.

How's that integrity thing workin' out for ya?

Anyway.  I Googled "fox news" to get to the network site.  This is what came up:

Notice anything that stands out?  Like maybe Stars Without Makeup?  Really.  Honestly.  

It's a link that takes you to a slideshow in their entertainment section.  A slideshow with 99 photos.  99!  And I scrolled through them all.  Because I was so pissed off.  Out of all those pictures, there was only one man.  (Tom Cruise, if you wanna know.)  

But that's not my point.

My point is that when you search for Fox News, one of their own links - given the same importance as their biggest stars' own shows - is literally tabloid level fodder.  I'm not sure if this particular link changes daily, but why not simply keep up a generic "entertainment" link to the entertainment section?

Other top news networks do:


Why pander to the lowest level like that?  Why would a news source go that route?

I've always maintained that 24 hour news networks aren't the best idea.  Actually, they could be great ... if they were run in a way that provided NEWS and not COMMENTARY.  All these cable news channels do is allow for certain news snippets to be endlessly chewed over by talking heads.  All these networks want are events that only make "good tv" so they can get their advertising money.

When is journalistic integrity gonna make a comeback?  When are American people gonna stand up and demand to know facts - not what some blowhard's opinion is?  When are Hollywood celebrities gonna realize that they can never leave their house without lipstick on?

Also, Fox News still uses the tag line "Fair & Balanced."


Good one.

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